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First practice proper with Dermot for the new year on Saturday. Most fun I’ve had playing the tunes in yonks. Apart from being a whole lot more amplified than previous sessions we tried out a few very different timings with the tracks. End these ways in particular starting working a lot better in ¾ time, for sale hope to b’jeebus this will be the final revision! Jungle fever blues has now got a half reggae/country rhythm which could work well but would need the two of us playing extremely tightly to make the quirkiness hold up. We also tested out using the marimba for the instrumental break on Red Balloon. Its an old marimba Dermot had, sounds good in the tune I just need to figure out the notes as they be written in Chinese :P

I’m really hopin Dermot gets more comfortable with singing while playin as the option of added harmony on most of the tracks or simple call and response would really add an extra vibe to the live show (eventually I‘ll get him singing a song or two so I can get behind the drums but has got to get his singing-confidence-feet-on-the-ground first). We’re gonna try fit in three jams this week so hopefully we’ll be gigging again by the end of the month. Rent a friend site is delayed as I haven’t gotten all the info from the clients yet but half the coding is done. College wise the unit five project is nearly done, nice and quick this time, running in at alittle over a minute, once I have the automation and percussion finished I’ll upload an mp3.