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Started on the arrangement on the Dubstep tune am making for my Brother. First electro tune I’ve written in bout two or three years. This time bout I been using alot more automation on the few vst synths. Been trickier to layout thou as it means when copy and pasting I need to do each sub track separately, may yet be tempted to upgrade to Cubase 6 as one the new features allows all automation to follow MIDI notes when moved. The tune itself is changing with the arrangement, hopefully for the better thou I find it easy to get lost when the emphasis is more on sound design and less on melody/harmony, tha thou being the nature of electronic musika.

New verion of (version 8, 9, 10…?) End these ways reverted back to the rhtyhm/instrumental of version 4 but with a gud chunk of lyrcis taken out and every second verse in a half time feel. I started to think maybe it wasn’t the rhythm/chords but the excess of lyrics that kept giving me a rushed fell when playing the versions. Hopefully this one will stick, its certainly more fun to play. Dermot didn’t take to the chord changes on the new version of Monster, said although busier its lost some of quirkiness/innocence of the original. Aint too sure yet meself, will tinker with it some more.

Rent-a-friend home and cast and crew pages up. Just story and podcast pages to finish and a few blog layout changes to make.  Meeting with Jessie and Eva of Happy Valley Fest this eve to discuss content layout for that site.  Also got a poster design commission for a charity gig to get started over the weekend,  still mulling over ideas but prob go for somethin retro’ish.  Finished the mix for unit five this mornin, soundcloud linkage below.

The many suspicions of Claudia Talbot by waxbotanical