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Was hard to catch up on the hour going forward last weekend, the mini jet lag.  Finally back on track with the college units schedule thou.  Unit 7 Soundcloud link is below. I had alota fun writing lines using the brass crescendo effects patch from the SAM orch library.  The distance mic patchs have a really nice big open sound.  I put a good deal of time checking and re-checking the notated score.  Three more units to go and I’m done.  All going well,  if I can get the funding,  I’m gonna then take the Topspin music marketing course with Berklee online.  Ive been on the look out for a new marketing/distrib service the last two months after the current company I’m with announced they will no longer be offering to host sites but focusing mainly on direct-to-fan services.  I thought this was a good time to check out the competition if I have to move the site anyway.

After much window shopping I came up with a plan to use a combination of Bandcamp and Tunecore to work as the wax botanical marketing platform.  But yesterday I came across a link to the updated Topspin site and new Demo video and was blown away by the unified approach to content management both the front and back end.  In particular I liked the way the shop front/dynamic links can easily be styled.  This annoyed me about other distribution services: the widgets and players are all for the most part static designs.

The twelve week Berklee course looks like a good overview in new music marketing based around the Topspin model.  The more easier to manage the more time I have to get back to making music.  Funny thing too, when I was researching new hosts for wb.com the host I ended up picking out is based only down the road in county Carlow,  doubt the server will be thou,  still if I have any trouble with customer service its nice to know I can jump in the car and spin round to heckle them in person :P

Villain saves girl by waxbotanical