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Good bit of office sorting and studio maintenance the last two days. Boring but essential off-site backups and accounts/book keeping. Also back’d dup up the WordPress blog in preparation for the move to the new host. Things may get abit weird on the site for a day or two during the transition. The version three (of wb.com) pre-design is still on hold as I’m busy with the Happy Valley Fest site for another few weeks. Poster design and event guide pages should be finished by the end of next week. Took me a while to come up with a way of getting the 32 or so acts and details on one page without it seeming too busy. I came across a really nice script thou on dynamic drive that did the trick for an accordion type effect within each musician div.

Got thru unit nine notes on the college course this week. Some well interesting stuff on writing for small orchestra with samples as well as a load of video interviews with Howard Blake, the dude who wrote the ‘Snowman’. Have done very little Mallavouge related work this week. Back on form starting next Monday as I have a new schedule drawn up to finish out the song revisions of each of the ten/eleven tracks by the end of May. I’m spinning out for a jam with Dermot this evenin where we’ll hopefully get a good working arrangement of ‘Ashes’ finished. I bought him a book on beginners harmonica in the hope that he’s enthusiastic enough to practice. Be great if he could play it and the drums at the same time. I also started on a wooden flight case for the Miniak last weekend, tis nearly done, just the hardware (hinges, latches and corners) to add. The plan is for me to programme a few bass presets on it and then write some accompanying lines for a few of the Mallavouge tracks which we’ll then, hopefully, get someone to test out live at the next gig. ..I also secretly want to try write some live acoustic/electronic hybrid dubstep tracks but may need to bring Dermot round to the idea first.