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Back to amplified practice with Dermot last night, we got a few more jams planned during the week before a gig in Ryans next Sunday evenin. Also gotta get mo practice in fo gigs in Billy Byrnes and Riellys the next month and in early June at the Happy Vallet Fest in Tommytown. Soon as I get the case finished for the Miniak synth and the time to programme a suitable bass organ preset for it we’re gonna test out a few songs with local keyboard whizzkid Eoghain Leadbetter. He’s already playing in five other local bands – talented bastard that he is! Hopefully he’ll pickup on the Mallvogue vibe (whatever that is). My plan is to have something a bit different than a bass guitar or electric organ filling in the low end and with the synth engine in the Miniak we should be able to get alot of expression out of the sound using the assignable controllers and pitch/modulation wheels. I was also talking to a local lass about her playing some trumpet lines on a few of the songs. Hopefully that’ll work out in time for HV fest.

Elsewheres I started on the second last college project (for small orchestra), kinda got a parisian vibe to it at the moment. I’ll have to get busy the next few weeks thou as the course ends in the forth week of May. I’ve nearly finished the pre-design research for WaxBotanical.com v.3.0 then its another two weeks of building the home page so I’m aiming for it to be up by mid May. Lots of ideas floating around thou as changing the website has me rethinking and redefining the goals/aims of the business and how different they are from two years ago when I built the last version for the site.

Finished the poster for Happy Valley Fest this mornin. Was tricky trying to fit all the bands and events into a circular design. I’m just waitin on the band info and mp3’s so I can uplaod the events page to the website. Had a meeting during the week re: designing a newer/simpliar version of bridgebrookarms.com so thats probably gonna be my commission (paid :P) work for month of May.