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Gig in Ryan’s last night went down pretty good, not as tight as some of the jams durin the week but the few changes we’d made with the songs I think made for a better show. It was nice to be playing outside and Brain (from Deep Down Deetox) had done a mighty fine job settin up the PA. I’m not sure we have enough fullness with just the two of us playing. We’re still kinda on the wall thou as to whether to look for a bassist or not. Elseway’ we’ll leave it with just the two of us for the moment and I’ll try use some pedals to boost up the midrange sound. Gonna look at some live videos of Black keys and similar duo acts to see how they get the ‘bigness’.

I started playing around with the editor for the Miniak synth, should be possible to get a dubstep wobble if I can just figure out how to change the LFO rate in real time. The plan is to get one ‘live electro’ track written in time for the gig durin the Happy Valley fest. I might buy a loop pedal so I can get the whole bass/lead/pad layer thing going but first i’ll experiment and see how much I can do with two hands on the keys/dials. I tried again to fix the live rig PC soundcard problem but alas no luck, reckon i’ll have to throw in the towel and buy a new comp for it, either a mini-itx pc or macmini.

Was delighted to hear my application for funding for the Berklee Topspin course was excepted. Course starts end of June, hopefully by the end of it i’ll have my own website shopfront and business backend/marketing plan running purdy smoothly. Commission wise I was finishing off the Happy Valley poster for most of last week, I’m still waiting on info/mp3’s/pics for some of the bands. Reckon we’ll jus go ahead and put up what we’ve got thou so I can finish off the rest of the pages.