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Trying to re-adjust the brain around the week after the double bank holiday Mondays, gotta get me back to some sort of schedule. Also disgusted too say I hardly played/practiced guitar atall last week, nor any jams with Dermot. Tomorrow thou should get two hours in and hopefully a prac with Dermot Wednesday, where we’ll come up with the plan of action for the Happy Valley fest gig as we need to do something abit different than the last two gigs maybe a guest or two on some the songs.

Missed seeing ‘I Draw slow’ playing in Reillys last night unfortunately, was rightly impressed by the quailty of the two singles from their second album and the accompanying videos. Mighty fine production all round. Speaking of videos, I bein looking at few options for making a cut-out animation music video using anime studio or something similar probably for ‘the old tin drum’ as its the most visual of the songs. Mos likely take round six months for me to do, off peak hours :P, so hopefully by next Christmas (lol) but it’d be great to have something original to use for promotion.

Two pages left to do on the Happy Valley Fest, music and events pages are up. The accordion script I got from dynamicdrive.com worked pretty good and its handy having an mp3 clip from each band on the page so its quicker for people to browse thru the acts. Starting on the site pre-design for RSAG this week. We’re gonna be building the site from a Virb tempate which is something I haven’t done before but I’ve checked out the functions and its easy to add Custom CSS and Topspin widgets of which I’ll be integrating into the updated version of waxbotanical.com too. Nearly finished unit 10 on the college work, got a bit stuck getting some of the counterpoint lines to fit and its made the songs abit more jazzy than I’d aimed but it still works. Should have an mp3 up by next week.