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Hotdowndiggiddy! – finished the last Happy Valley site and print edits today. Twas great working with the two girls, ended up with an overall look I wouldn’t have gotten on me own. I’ll have some shots of the posters, brochures and tickets up on the new site, speaking of which I know Ive said it before but this week I’ll get the site moved to a new hosting home at Black knight. The v3 home page is about half done, I been researching alot about the engine side functionality particularly the client login section. Spent bout four hours this morning going over the features of the top project management software solutions I could find on the tinterweb. Pretty boring work but hopefully once the new system is in place all commissions and music related projects will be better managed and tracked. Haven’t had much time for mixing down the latest college unit, tis half done, bit more EQ’ing and levels to set then and quick master and I’ll upload to Soundcloud. Better get my hustle thou on as I’ve only the three weeks to finish the final project. Played a gig in Ryans again yesterday, was pretty short notice and twas in the front bar this time. Got pretty hot under the lights but we had a decent stage monitor so was easier to play thru the tunes :P