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Still having some problems moving the site over too the new host, largely due to the fact that I haven’t yet figured out how to export the WordPress database in the format required by the new host to easily import it once the site is moved. Sounds awfully boring and indeed it is, probably not the stuff for a blog but just in case the site disappears for a day or two during the transition there’ll be some info on the Myspace blog. The actual design of the new v3.0 site is going well and moving to the new host would have been a dauddle if I didn’t have to bring all my previous blog posts/entry over with me. Commission wise, of the three projects I have going at the moment, two are gonna be based on site templates one from Woo Themes and the other using Square space which I only recently came across when I was searching for WYSIWYG website publishing platforms. I had looked at Virb and a few others but Square space by the look of it has been around for a while and has some mighty intuitive features.

Started on the last college project this week too. The second last project Soundcloud link is below. The unit was on building a small orchestra mockup using samples. The piece ended up being more busy and quirky than I would have liked and some of the instrumentation turned out to have a Parisian vibe. Once I finish the course I’m going to start writing compositions based on very specific themes/imagery again which should help better guide me thru a piece instead of following where it leads me so-to-speak.

Plenty of practice last week and more to come in the week ahead in preparation for the Happy Valley Festival gig on sat 4th June. We done a complete revision of Black Crow, has now got a drum n’ bass rhythm and different phrasing for the lyrics. Looking forward to testing it out live for the first time. We also started in on some big changes in the rest of the set but we may have to slow down and hold off as if we start in on them we might not get each finished in time for the gig and end up not being able to remember or perform the older version

Cocorico by waxbotanical