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Mighty busy week, erectile twas practicing everynight out in Dermots in preparation for gig during Happy Valley Festival, remedy made a lot of progress with the set so far as timings and dynamics go, mighty tired after it all now thou. The set went down well , both of us were pretty relaxed once we got going but unfortunately we didnt get a chance to soundcheck before only when we got up on stage. In future we need to make sure we get enough bass in the guitar line as its only the two of up there so its needs to fill alot of space elseways the sound can come off too tinny. After the set, watching the other acts I started mulling over the idea of a third member for the band again, either on an electric upright bass or using the Miniak with bass organ/synth presets. Will have to chat to Dermot some more about it but we may try someone out for a gig next month.

Finished and uploaded last college unit this evening (soundcloud link is below)  Great to have it done, there’s still some extra units I might do for the experience of it but elseways I might use the time for setting up and testing out the live rig and /or start making some electro tunes again. Bein a while since Ive bein workin on some, make a nice change from all the orchestral stuff I bein doin. Still having trouble with my old webhost regarding moving the site database, if it doesn’t work out I may just close the site for two weeks until the new design is finished and upload that with a new blog in place.

The Royal Dead by waxbotanical