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Started in on the Abelton, Native Control CL3 and Minak manuals last week. Been a while since I bein messin about with Live and its great to finally start to understand the concepts behind it. The possibilities of the warp feature alone on samples is staggering , a whole lot more flexible than any hardware sampler Ive owned/used before especially when manipulating them in real time-great for improv stuff. I bought the Hyper Synth visual editor for the Miniak-make things alot more easier than editing presets on the two line display on the miniak itself. I still haven’t figured out how to modulate the rate of the filter freq so I can get a Dubstep style wobble yet thou . Another few weeks and hopefully I’ll be able to test out the keyboard at a gig using one or two of the songs normally played on guitar. I also bein thinking of maybe using some of the older tunes as songs to test out the keyboard on but it may take abit of figuring out as they were all written on a sequencer.

Lots more organizing last week. After I finished the CO course I spent a good bit of time planning out the next six months (I heard Thinkspace are releasing an Orchestral Harmony course at the end of the summer-twill mos defo be signing up for that). There’s a bunch of stuff I’d like to read up on, maybe get take some tutorials on particularly with regards the web design stuff: CSS3, HTML5, better validation and proper SEO tatics. I’ll probably take out a three month subscription with Lynda.com as they seem to cover all the basses and tis gud value for twenty or so bucks per month. Had a decent gig on Saturday night in Reillys, supporting the Swampstopers, Dermot was off visitin family for the week so I had to re-jig the set abit for solo playing but even at that there were a few empty drum break pauses, thankfully thou the crowd was in the mood for the material so it was fun enough to play thru the set.