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Ended up ditching the whole V3.0 website idea I was working on and went for a much more minimal layout. There’s not as much pictures or textures but the focus is more on the content itslef. I’m still having a good bit of trouble with the styling of the site as I havent quite settled on how each page will be laid out but Im pretty confident that when they are finished each project page will be more easily kept up to date and will provide alot of details on the making of aswell as the completed individual projects themeselves. I still plan on adding in a few subtle images/decorations for above and below each blog post and text blocks and Id like to make some use of the original six wax botanical ‘brand’ colours that I used so much on the last site.

Elsewheres I havent done much music work, its been all web related the last week, but I’m goin out to prac in Dermots tonight ahead of a gig in Kilkenny next weekend. If we have the time I’m gonna try out one or two songs using the minak synth instead of the guitar but as he is practicing with his other band for a gig on the same night we may not have to time to get it working this week. The whole site re’jiggification of waxbotanical.com has had me taking a critical look at what it is I’d like to achieve within each project and hopefully by the time I have it finished i’ll be able to work with a clearer/more realistic idea of current goals and not get so foopin stressed out…