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Bit of a weird week, as I finished up various commissions I got meself abit burnt out in the process. Too much time spent in the office over the last month. That said I took it easy the last three day and defo feel the better for it. Waxbotanical.com V3 coming along slowly but surely. The design page is nearly done, I had some trouble with alignment on the portfolio banner but tis workin fine now. I also started in on the bio pages both for myself and Dermot. I still need to set him up an external WordPress blog (already linked) which may be abit presumptuous as he’s not much good at interweb stuff yet. A lot of the site content is being rebuilt as I go as its only when I try to describe my plans in as simple a way as possible on a webpage that I start to realise more what is essential and what can go. It’ll probably be another 3-4 weeks of chopping and changing till I reckon she’ll be done.

Week two of the Berklee Topspin course nearly done. Case study this week was on Trent Reznor and his NIN direct-to-fan marketing model. Plenty of food for thought as alot of the interviews had to do with how a small to medium artist could achieve similar results even starting from a limited fan base. I’m looking forward to getting further into the course as we’ll then be working on integrating the direct-to-fan model within our own website and campaigns. It’ll be another six months or so till I get the Topspin shop page fixed on this site but I hope to have some posters & imagery designed by the end of the summer that I could use on T-shirts and a few other merch stuff to test out in the store.

No practice with Dermot this week either unfortunately. Did get some progress done on few tracks thou namely Black Crow where I’ve gone back to a previous non drum n’ bass version and changed some of the chord progressions. Its abit sadder sounding and I’m not sure on it yet but if I can get the lyrics more positive sounding it should balance the song some more.