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Alas there may be some changes on the horizon for the band setup as Dermot is off to College in Cork or Galway, interviews pending. Great for him to build on his performance skills with theory and practical stuff but not so good for the band as both cities are too far away for regular practice. Its all up in the air yet but I may have to look for a new drummer next month. Either way I still have a few gigs in mind playing solo over the autumn and as I get near finishing the ten songs I set out to write nearly a year and a half ago I’m really curious to see how people receive the material as a full set, 60-90mins (with or without covers). It’s been great getting back to song writing again this week. The latest fisherman’s blues revision is coming along nicely, one or two chord additions have made all the difference. I also received the Vox loop pedal in the post during the week. Haven’t had a chance to test it out yet as I need to buy a suitable power adapter for it but it should add some interest to the solo set if I can loop in some beatbox or fife lines to one or two tracks. Quiet on the commission front this week as I had plenty of reorganizing to do after the mini-fest last weekend. Next week I’ll be finishing off the site for RSAG, starting on a brochure for the Hole in the Wall venue in Kilkenny and doin some mock-ups for the Whiteliars website. I’ve only got a few weeks left in the Berklee course and the plan is to integrate the stuff I’ve been learning throughout website gradually over the next three months.