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Was working on the revisions of Red Balloon and Fisherman’s Blues during the week. Bein having some trouble with the chorus of Red Balloon, it didn’t seem to fit with the rest of the song but while I was messing about with it yesterday I tried out the lyrics from another tune I had started to write and they fit purdy dang perfect. Love it when things click together like that-tis far and few between but mighty satisfying when it does. I know I’ve been saying I’ll start uploading demo’s again for yonks and haven’t but as the website is (finally) starting to get near the finish line I’ll have abit more time to focus on keeping the online content up to date which means more regular Soundcloud demo’s and pictures/drawings/plans. Still waiting to hear if Dermot gets into college or if not if he’ll even stay round Thomastown.  Soon as I know I’ll start to re-plan a band for the coming twelve months.  Its been handy not having band practice the last two weeks thou as it gives me more time for song writing. If I can finish off song number ten by the end of the month I should have a full set list of material, enough to begin booking our own gigs :  )

Got a few more graphic design projects lined up, two more posters and a brochure.  I finished the site for Jeremy yesterday. He wanted it done before his gig at Electric Picnic.  There’s still a bunch of area’s I’d like to improve upon namely some of the best practices (blog upkeep, demo’s etc) but overall the minimal black and white look worked out well.