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There’s two songs from the last CD (Gardens and Graveyards) I thought would be good enough to include in the live set, one of em, Bottle and the drum, we bein playing already for the last 14 months or so. The other, White devil, we played once or twice and since then its bein on the back burner but the last two weeks I’ve tried to resurrect it in some form or other. I was happy with the lyrics but the chords didn’t have enough bite in them so if we didn’t play it with a solid enough rhythm the whole thing felt abit flat (it pisses me off when I make tunes like that as it generally means I didn’t bother putting enough effort into the melody). The last week I was playing around with some weird C chords and I think I now have a stronger progression. It’d be great to include it in the set again as the lines are fun to sing and it has a creepy’ish storyline theme to it. I also went back and started writing a new tune for track number ten as the one I had begun a few months back, The Bridge, is technically a fucker to play and doesn’t fit with the other nine songs so well, tis abit too melacoly.

No sign of any new demo uploads until I get the site finished. I had to go back and re-upload a bunch of images as I changed the background colour of the site and made everything darker so it doesn’t now look so pale and weak when viewed on a mac. I also juggled around the main pages so computer electro’ish music and the soundtrack stuff now have their own pages. The story page has a nice Ken Burns gallery slideshow which I’ll hopefully soon be populating with drawing and sketches. I Begun work this week on a site for the T-Town Bottles Stoppers. Tis a minimal black and white layout with three or four pages and by the end of next week hopefully a decent logo.