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Had last course chat yesterday evening. Started working on last assignment this morn too, tis a marketing campaign outline for the next album (Keep calm and carry on). There’s a load o’ things I’ve learnt the past three months that I hope to be integrating into the site and related pages over the next few months. The album probably wont be released till July next year as I want to gig it as much as possible beforehand but I’ll be putting up more content on a regular basis long before then. Tis just so much to do. It’s all slowly but surely. Had a quick jam with Dermot on Friday where we ran thru some of the new songs but as Liam wasn’t there it was hard to figure out how they should be arranged. Have a gig lined up supporting Neon wolf and the Oddsocks Revival in the Set on October 1st but unfortunately Liams gonna be off in Spain so I’m not sure whether I should play solo or with Drums. After that thou next gig up should be with the full band and we’re tinkering with the idea of bringing two more people on board for our ‘first full set’ ten song gig : ) (most likely before xmas).

Busy with commission stuff at the mo, nearly finished the T-Town Bottle Stoppers site, half done brochure for the Hole in the Wall venue and also making last edits to a tour poster for Don Mescall.