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Track ten ‘Down below the sea’ is nearly to a performable state. I’m gonna try get it ready in time for the gig next weekend. It’d be good to have something new/different to bring to the set. Tis a very visual song, got lots of ideas for an animated music video while I was writing it. Be another year yet thou till I get the time to start work on the cut-out animated videos I have in mind for a few of the songs. Speaking of music videos twas also mulling over the idea of making up four or five video-in-a-day yolks, where all the raw footage has to be shot in a day via a camera phone or somethin similar. A quick lofi short to help promote the material before the album is done.

Did another bout of work on the site the last two days. The page logo idea is out the window in favour of some large fonts : ) I also re-arranged the project detail sections and have the ‘about mallavogued’ page nearly done. Seems to be more to do the more I get done. Soon as I get the site finished thou I can start working on the content; pictures, videos,demo’s etc. Bottle Stoppers site finished, I think the simple layout with different background images worked well. Pre-design for White Liars site next week and second mock-up for the Hole in the wall brochure.