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It occurred to me during the week while working on a tune that over the last two years I’ve gotten used to using alot of my throat when I sing and that perhaps this isnt a good thing. I like the effect but it might be fecking up my voice long term. Gonna try do bit of google research next week into whether I shud be bein more careful or not. On the plus side I finally started uploading soundcloud demos again (see below). It only a few bars but it gives an idea of where I’m trying to go with track ten. Definitely has a swing feel but I dont know that Dermot has much Jazz chops yet.

I bein getting a better grasp on web dev semantics, as well as figuring what the word actually means! via some of the excellent courses at Lynda.com. This month I’m gonna work thru web based stuff; CSS3, better navigation menu’s and tidier codes while next month I’ll go thru a few of the design related course; advanced Photoshop, Ilustartor and project specific tutorials. They also have a heap of decent short documentaries on designers, agencies and photographers. Completed the last page of the website last night : ) 150 hours and 33 pages later tis finally done. Next up is a revamp of the Myspace and Facebook pages, short press packs and then on to posters and merchandise…