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Finally got round to updating the WB Myspace page, not sure its still really required but tis still a handy way of scopin out new music. I changed around the layout and colours of the page ,looks abit like wb.com version 1 : ) very minimal almost like an old Brio train box. Handy being able to move/remove the various sections, wish it was as easy to customize the Facebook page. The gig calendar is also pretty well implemented.

Got started on a website for Kilogen this week, its a bio-fuel/renewable energy company based in Kilkenny. Pretty basic site but had some trouble with designing the look as I got feck all assets/imagery from the client apart from the old site itself. Still, a good deal of research on the interweb turned up one or two sites that got the idea wheel spinning. Also working on the site for the Whiteliars, its gotten more and more 60s’ish as I go along with lots of halftone dotted pictures and cut’n paste black n white collages. Turning out to be an interesting commission. Yesterday I started to flesh out a marketing campaign for the release of the Whiteliars second album ‘Wasteland’. Twas good to refresh me head with notes from the Berklee Topspin course especially, as now having the WB website finished ,I’ll be starting to draw up and implement my own campaign for the next six-ten months.

Didn’t get much practice during the week as Dermot was still off on holiday but had a run thru of the new version of Monster with Liam. He convinced me to give the ele guitar a go for the next gig so all Ill be doin for prac during the week will be getting used to playing the set on a new fretboard. Hopefully kicking off jams again with the lads tomorrow night.