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Bought a copy of Anime Pro 8 today. I wasn’t planning on buying it for another few months yet but with the Black Friday sale it was going for 60% off the regular price! The long term plan is too make a few cut-out style animated videos for promoting my music. I’ve another six months or so of life drawing practice still to get thru before I’m gonna start on the pre-design work, probably for the song ‘The old tin drum’. The benefit of Anime pro is that it really helps speed up the animation workflow thru the use of character templates, automatic tweening and photoshop imports (read as being able to do more in less time). The fact I bought a copy today means I can do some experimenting between now and the planned start date.

Played a gig last night supporting the White Liars in Carolls. We tried out the new version Monster, was abit messy but fun to do. While practicing with the lads during the week I came to realise how much we really need some more melody in the songs. I’ve been so caught up in what kind of instruments to add when the actual melody line is what’s important. My plan now is to record us playing the songs next week and then the following week to start composing some melodies/flourishes over the top of the songs. These lines can then be played back by whoever, hopefully Maura or Eoghain if they can spare the time. Also playing a gig tonight in Café Formenti in Carlow, tis a it short notice but see’in as we’d been practicing all week, tis best not to turn it down. Song writing wise I’ve changed about track ten ‘Down to the sea’ its now slower and I’m gonna try add some weird Dub step beatbox fillers. Fishermans Blues is also nearly to a performable state again, its harder to play technically but should be less manic sounding : P