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Nearly finished the composition/production stage of the first new electro tune. Has gotten alot more eighties and relaxed/trip-hopy as its progressed. Next week I’ll be laying out the arrangement and hopefully the week after recording the vox and running out a mix to post on the WB Soundcloud account. I’ve kept it fairly simple harmonically and unusually for myself stuck with overly synthesized FM sounds than real instrument samples. Quite happy with the way the looping/layers have built up; simple chord changes but lots of effects and expression to maintain interest. I still need to make one or two tweaks to the individual tracks and maybe add in a new melody and an eighties snare/kick. I’ve tested one or two vocal lines and them seem to fit but I cant be sure until I record the final take.

Choc’o block with commission work this week and looking like next week too. Unfortunately several projects have overlapped and the remainder of January is gonna be a busy one in order for me to get em wrapped up. I wrote out a rough plan for the SO (folk tunes) song revisions; one song a week till mid March by when I plan to start gigging again and also by when the much talked about marketing plan should kick into place,: posters, competitions etc. I also started taking production diary notes over the last week which I’ll fine tune and upload to the various Project pages next Tuesday or Wednesday.