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Things (my headstate) got abit crazy with overlapping commissions this week; six on the go twas stressing me out. Mostly due too me waiting to receive content from clients or for them to get back to me regarding a revision but also too meself not being realistic enough with workload and deadlines. Should pan out when I get Kilo.com and settlement.ie wrapped up next week. In future I’m gonna try and make it so there’s enough time between projects for me not to be feelin so rushed – terribly unhealthy state of affairs to be working in atall atall.

Have’nt had a chance to do much songwriting this week. Went back to an older version of Black Crow but with all this webwork haven’t had time to push things forward tis frustrating as I’d really like to get a few songs under me belt so I can start playing live again, has been to long…ICM electro tune is comin on alright, got the layout started yesterday eve. Lots of loops and layers to choose from so I gotta work at picking out the strongest to reduce down the busy’ness of the song. Electronic music seems to be half about that – lots of reduction. Still taking production notes but haven’t gotten a chance to upload them to the project pages yet, maybe tonite or tommorrow : P