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Started drawing up notation for the latest version of Black Crow, which has got more harmonic heavy with the latest changes. It’s the first of the ten songs I hope to have fully guitar tab’ed, articulated and arranged. Each of these will be uploaded to the various project pages of the site and available to download in PDF for anyone curious enough to see the working innards of the songs as well as the more ridiculous of the lyrics! : ) For me thou it’ll be very handy as I can quickly jot down any expression changes during the revisions and it’ll help with getting session musicians to quickly grasp the song structure. Gonna take awhile to do, especially considering how much revisions I do but definitely worth it in the end. The plan is to do something similar with the electronic tunes to help with some sort of live performance routine. Speaking of which I finally got the Kontakt (software) issue fixed so was able to get back to working on the first ICM-01 tune. I’ll have the demo version up by the end of the month.

Made a few changes/improvements made to the site during last months review. The comments on each of the individual blog pages are now via the Facebook konnekt plugin for easy access and spread’ability. The home page is neater and has new links for the upcoming monthly newsletter as well as a quick overview diagram I’ll be making to show what I’m currently working at. Finally got round to uploading the production diary notes, You’ll find the first of these on the WB-SO-01 and WB-ICM-01 project pages.