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Turned out (as usual) the ICM project is taking twice as long as I thought. 54 hours clocked on first new electro tune and I still have to track vocals and mix it down yet. That said has been four or five years since I last did this sort of stuff and maybe takes a while to get back in gear. Took a few sessions to find the right combination of layered snares to give the break enough punch. I’ll need to allow two months to finish off a track, so multiplied by ten means sometime in 2013 for havin the album finished and a full live set. Suppose twill alow me to do gud bita promotion before then : P Its been interesting making the first tune as I’ve been arranging it all along with a music video in mind. Working title for the track is ‘where the wild things are’. I’ll have an instrumental demo up with comments next weekend. I might also put in some notes for what I have in mind for the video. I’m trying to sort some editing software at the moment and have a rough shoot date of last weekend March or early April. Plenty of planning and storyboards to do before then. Goona be fuppin sweet finally havin some visual elements to go with music.

WB-SO-01 notation is slowly progressing. Took a while to refresh the head on how to notate guitar tab in Cubase but have the song 50% done. Something very satisfying about having a whole track in notation, notes, lyrics, expression and dynamics. Might be a complete waste of fuppin time but sure will see when next playing with the lads (god knows when that’ll be). Had some edits to do on a site for a Wicklow based Shiatsu practitioner during the week. Also started on a site for a friend mine who produces willow panels. He wants a old school look to it with some hand drawn instruments/tools spread thru out the site. Tis good thing I bein doin a fairly regular amount of life drawing with indian ink the last few months in preparation for the first fairy tale book/music yolk.