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Ditched the working title and went with ‘Enter the Dragon’ as a name for the new ICM tune seeing as it uses a Droopy Dragon sound board and kinda ties in with the video story/theme. The mix was purdy tricky as there were so many instruments on the track and they all needed to have some space. The demo version below is still pretty muddy to my ears but it’ll do till the full version (with vocal lines) is recorded and uploaded. First impressions thou seem to be maybe to leave it as is without the vox, any suggestions/comments as to arrangement and/or adding lyrics please do post below. Have fleshed out the music video story some more, in my mind anyhow : P unfortunately mostly late at night – keeping me awake. More details and hopefully some community participation ,info to follow on the Facebook page, late next week…

Didn’t get much work done on the SO acoustic songs as was busy with the above and commission stuff. Unfortunately I yet again changed my mind with the rhythm/chord structure of Black Crow, went back to the old rhythm but with a D Major scale, so all the notation work I had done is out the window :( fup it I suppose if the tune is better in the end. Think I should just arrange these songs roughly on paper before notating properly in Cubase until I’ve locked down on an arrangement. On the plus side I came up with an entirely new rhtyhm/scasle for ‘Red balloon’ tune, tis much simpler and expressive now and has plenty of space for vocal sound effect messin. Lights Off mini fest is comin up the end of March so gonna try get a few songs ready by then and hopefully the first of the SO-02 tunes aswell (that’ll be something usin the loop pedal with beatboxing and instrument weirdness). Unfortunately burnt meself out bit tryin to get the load o’ work done this week, need more time for commissions (read as stuff that brings in some cash) and better pacing so I don’t feel quite so nuts at the end of the week.