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As per usual, if it comes to my own work, when I said ‘should be done by’ I mean three weeks thereafter. My first project in Illustrator (part of the community participation yolk for the first music video) is taking longer than I thought. Getting used to the tools is one thing but its defo a whole different way of working from Photoshop. I have the character drawn, just need to put in a few more details and test print/fold a copy. I’ll then upload it via an ’email-for-download’ app thingy where folk can get it if they sign up to the newsletter.

ICM second song got abit stuck during the mid week, wasn’t sure I was heading in the right direction with it, got too dramatic and soundtracky but re-jigged the break and added in some chopped/lo-fi’d up bagpipes and its starting to take shape again. I have the vocal line sorted for the chorus but not sure If a rap kinda line will work for the verses, further testing required. As with the last track I’ve started mulling over ideas for a video which in turn is influencing the writing of the tune itself. Bita of a bollix this as I still have to storyboard Enter the Dragon, tis more work than I need right now but cant seem to stop the obsessive brainstorming when it gets going :P Working title is fluctuating between ‘I eat spiders’ or ‘Ghosts’.

Commission wise twas nice to get back to some graphic design stuff this week among all the usual CSS/Wordpress coding. Doin a poster for a Maria Doyle Kennedy gig in Borris Castle. Went all art nouveau’ish on the first mockup-alot more floral type stuff than I’d be used to-still waiting to hear results. Got me a tasty new laptop during the week too, so the plans for second studio over in Callan have begun to be doodled on random paper round the studio…bigger space for recording band, light tent for macro photography, skylights, stove fo the winter, desk for lino/wood block posters and a big auld couch/coffee table for meetings :)