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Started on short score final revisions for the ten SO folky tunes. Gonna do about one a week so along with the three kinda b-side loop pedal beatbox tunes the plan is to have the new solo live set ready by end of June. Tis well nice being able to quickly jot down articulations or expressions above or below a note or word as I’m practicing. This often seems to be the best time to come up with new weird shit but I normally forgot it by the end of the two hours. New ICM tune went thru a few evolutions during the week. It’s a headfuck this, I get happy with a version and then a day or two later it begins to not sound right. Need to factor in at least four changes of heart/doubt/disillusionment before its settles down. Working title is now ‘Edges’, less self indulgent/weird tah the previous ideas : P

Finally uploaded the promotional cut-out character for Enter-the-dragon, details and download available at http://waxbotanical.com/sign-up-fo-shit/. I also got round to planning out time over the next six-twelve months to finish off the units from the cinematic orchestration course yolk I was doing along with a short online course on counterpoint and a book on orchestral harmony. All going well I’ll have enough skills in the bag by the beginning of 2013 to start work on the short story soundtrack mockups.