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    -The Old Tin Drum
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Finally got the mixing and mastering finished for ‘Fat Controller’. Got a bunch of ideas for the music video. The track took a month longer than planned but I’m happy with it, its simple, upbeat and easy to re-arrange for live playing. Speaking of which I’ve asked the drummer from local Thomastown band the Mill Rats to join me on the first outing of the electronic live set (sometime in September/October). I thought I might have been able to play along on a kit on my own but I’m not good enough yet and this’ll allow me to improv/hot mix the tune itself on the APC. I also started work on a poster for the tune with which I’ll be running a few promotions over on the Facebook page with; share and win, best and worst reviews etc. I still need to do up a poster for ‘Enter the Dragon’ but this can wait till I’m doin more work on the Video. Which should begin soon as shoot date is roughly planned for 2nd/3rd week July – Plenty of time for detailed set design and storyboarding I hope…

Elsewhere’s I’ve been busy with website and graphic updates for both the Happy Valley festival and the Grennan Craft school site. I had a poster for an end of year exhibition and nearly finished the photoshop mockup for the MacGabhainns Backpackers hostel site. Song wise I haven’t had much time to progress onto revisions for the next song, If anything I went backwards! I starting rewriting some of the chords in Black crow aswell as for the rhythm itself. After having notated the whole thing this is pretty frustrating but it just did’nt sit right with me. The same can be said for the latest changes to Monster, unfortunately, I’ve now gone back to an earlier simpler version! Sometimes feels like I’ll never get the ruddy set finsihed.