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Its been over a month since I wrote the last blog post due to the fact I bein flat out re-designing the WB website. Was also re-jigging some of the more boring but essential parts of the business, such as project file management, back up and stationary branding. I’m happy to say now thou that the new generation site is much more in keeping with the record-label/design-studio nature of the business I originally had in mind. There’s more visuals, clearer descriptions, simpler navigation, a search function and more interactive blogs. See below for some promo adverts I posted on Facebook to promote the new site.

I had to put the shoot date back a month for the Enter the Dragon music video due to the amount of rain we got the last few weeks, the location is too boggy, hopefully it’ll dry up by mid August. The benefit to this thou is that I have a little more time to get back to working on the next ICM (electro) tune, this is gonna be another trip-hop track based on a reversed piano sequence/sample I wrote last month. It has a kinda spooky sound, working title is ‘scarecrows’ as usual the arranging of it is being dictated by the music video I have in mind. I’ll also hopefully have time to get a short live test set with James on drums ready in time for a gig in August. This is sooner than I planned but it’d be great to test the material out :)

Elsewheres I got a gig lined up for the SO (acoustic) material, just me on guitar, for the 4th of August. Gonna be trying out some new arrangements of the songs and maybe one of the beatbox tracks if I can get it finished in time.

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