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I’am finally getting the acoustic set back in order. Having a gig on the calendar has helped me move thru the block of bullshit procrastinating/fretting over details Ive been stuck in the last two months. A few of the tracks have come on a good bit and I’m starting to enjoy playing them again. The new version of Red Balloon in particular relies heavily on muted and harmonic notes and is so minimal that the block chords really jump out at the end of the verses. Plus its got a whistling line thats easy to play and breaks up the singing nicely. Haven’t had much time for the electronic stuff this week other than working on the poster for Fat Controller, it kinda went different than planned, seems more folky, but I still think it’ll work when I finish off the last few details, should have it posted up on Facebook during the week. Will run a few competitions to win a printed copy sometime then too.

Elsewhere’s I got the shooting script finished for the Enter the Dragon music video, next up is to start on the storyboard and the props/pre-design. Commission wise I finished off the custom font for Stag and Deer and started customizing a WordPress template for Decide, a creative consultancy based in Brighton. Also made up another fake promo poster for Facebook this morning, had fun figuring out the pose as the cat had to be photoshopped in…:P

[image id=”4456″]