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Twas extra busy again with commissions this week, had fup all time for electronic musics unfortunately. Nearly have the brochure wrapped up for the photo event in Cork. Ended up getting a few other wee jobs to do for the same yolk, stressful but handy nixers all the same. Balief farm online store site is nearly done too, on hold as I’m waiting for last bit of content from the owners. Also trying to configure a WordPress voucher plugin for a local restaurant which is proving more finicky than I’d thought as the previous web designer had installed a fup load of plugins, far too many for my liking as it makes WordPress harder to update. Starting on another online store for a local jeweler nex week and have two more commission sites lined up for mid October, so be lots more time in front of Photoshop and Notepad++ forecast :P

On the studio front I’ve started drawing up plans for revamping the workflow for the various production types (whether its composing, scoring, songwriting, recording or mixing). The plan is to have better templates in place both inside Cubase (mixer/track presets) and with the MIDI controllers themselves (Nocturn, pad Kontrol and UF80) so that I can setup and carry out each project quicker and more efficiently :) Did get some acoustic practice and songwriting in this week, am trying out a different rhythm for Honey Bee Sting and worked on getting the pacing/tempo right for Black crow and Red Balloon. Glad Ive gone back to using the resonance guitar, definitely can be more harsher sounding at times but when it works it really suits the material.

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