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Got abit sidetracked earlier in the week after I heard news of the new string library by VSL. The option to vary the timbre, string and vibrato for each line is savage but it comes in at a hefty price. This got me thinking about how I could go about recording session musicians both for the future acoustic and electronic albums aswell as the orchestral based soundtrack stuff. The problem being thou the studio/house is quite small. Recording off site might be possible but tis too expensive on the long run so I thought of how to make use of the other rooms in the house. The bedroom immediately beside the studio is quite big and after some time spent on Google and Thomann.de I came up with a plan to convert this into a pop-up live room all for under €360. Using two large white stage curtains, some diffuser panels, a DIY bass trap, a multicore and a headphone amp I’ll soon be able to have a 7′ by 10′ recording room available to the studio when required. It’ll only fit around three/four people max but this’ll be more than enough for recording solo string players aswell as the occasional brass and percussion instrument.

Using a Nocturn on a 5m USB cable I’ll also be able to record my own playing and manage the tracking form the other room too. This’ll be great for mentally separating out the performance from the technical stuff. Its gonna make a big difference to the sample based compositions, having real player lines on the top and I’m damdably excited about it :)

Other than the above it was mostly commission work during the week, that and working my way thru the last two Lynda.com Illustrator advanced classes. I did spend a few hours on gettin the acoustic tunes ready for the set next Wednesday night in Ryans which should be bita fun.