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Made a decent amount of progress with the Cinder Biter track this week. Ended up adding another Scanner XT vst to the tune, that’s about six or seven now. The easy automation and the digital/organic feel of the presets are fantastic. Its definitely gonna get heavy use with the rest of tracks on the album. I got alittle stuck on the chorus section and noticed myself falling back into old habits of reaching for a simple tuned percussion line instead of working out something more original. I did eventually manage to get to something I think is more unusual but I’m not sure yet what/if there should be a chorus vocal melody. The more I compose electronic stuff the more I seem to try to make each song use less and less notes, its good thou as I’m forced to try and generate as much expression out of the automation as I can.

I finished the Cinder Biter poster last weekend too. I’m pretty happy with the results (pic below). It took about eight hours to do the coloring but twas worth it. Got lots of ideas for the music video in the process – animal masks, big shadow puppets and something cult related. Speaking of videos (cue prevaricating) I’m adamant to try and finally finish the story board for the Enter the Dragon music video next week, I started on some conceptual design stuff last week, the masks/facepaint patterns for the worshipers and the logo for the removal team uniforms. Was also fortunate to meet someone over Halloween who’s offered to do the make-up for the shoot, he’s a local chap and has studied make-up/special effects so it’ll be savage fitting even more /graphic’ness/gore into the video :) Did’nt have many hours for the acoustic tunes but I did get started on a new track, it has alot of falsetto and its fun to play but its sounding abit cheesy in places so it may yet get put on the backburner.

CB promo poster