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Got the bulk of the arrangement finished for Cinder Biter. Tis fairly close to the one I did for Enter the Dragon and has a similar feel to the song aswell. I might try and tie in the storyline of the two videos. I came up with a distorted brass synthline for the chorus that switches between a complex and simple melody line. I’m not sure about the backing drum break loop yet, I’ve trying messing about with the swing and dynamics abit but after coming back to it later I realized the original is better, more bold and blunt. Its the problem when you spend alot of time working/listening to a track – an loose the bigger picture especially when it comes to quantize and groove. I’m pretty happy with the layout, the chorus sounds too busy and some sections are alittle flat but a few hours of automation should sort that and then i’ll render MIDI tracks for the first mix. Should have something on Soundcloud the next week or two.

Got a good few website commissions on the go at the moment so spent most of the past week either on Photoshop, Notepad ++ or in Cubase. Will hopefully sort some more regular time for the acoustic stuff this month, getting a gig booked soon’sih should help. As its coming up to the ten year anniversary of Wax Botanical there’s a few things I’ve been running around my head I’d like to get down on paper mostly with regards marketing and promotion, I’ve been half following a plan I drew up last year but I really need to bump this up a more widespread plan and put in more regular time so that the promotion can move outside of Facebook onto blogs and video channels. I’ll need a day or three free first to draw this up, not sure if I’ll get that before end of Novemebr thou…

See waxbotanical.com for mo info.