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I hit the second wall with the arrangement for Cinder Biter, it was sounding flat, even after the automation, so I messed about with some different vocorder lines using one or two free vsts’s and then tried the vocorder in Razor which along with a chopper effect fitted very nicely. I’ve put a track of this over the whole song, it changes the mood dramatically – its now more upbeat and danceable now thou still retains some of the somberness from the original theme. I also experimented with a bunch of different bells from the Ethno World library. Tibetan bells in particular worked really well, I don’t know if its the pitch or nature of the instrument itslef but in contrast with the new vocorder line it has a nice haunting element to it. I’ve noticed thou that my go-to effect is pretty much always the decimator plugin in Cubase, it has the right amount of lo-fi dirtyness too it but I’m alittle nervous that with so many tracks it’ll makes the whole thing too noisy. I’ll have to experiment some at mix down.

I pretty much spent most of the production time during the week on the above, otherwise I was working on the three website commission yolks I have on the go at the moment. One of em if pretty much done, just a few bugs to do. Another site, the one for a local tour guide is the biggest I’ve done to date – about thirty pages altogether. Once I get these jobs wrapped up I’m hoping to have some time to study some more on advanced WordPress customization so I can offer more features to clients and factor the framework more into the design process.