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Having got thru the first few chapters in Mike Seniors excellent Mixing Secrets for the small studio I decided to follow his advice and round out the monitor set-up in my studio with a single cone mono speaker and a set of grot boxes. The grot boxes will be easy enough to find (any old pair of computer speakers lying around wil ldo) but the single cone is tricker/more expensive to sort. Avantone Mixcubes are pricey, around two fifty yoyo’s for a single active, Mike suggested a few alternatives one being the Fostex 6301 which I managed to get for a more reasonable €150 from an Ebay store based in the US. I was considering buying one of these as a controller to switch between monitors but thankfully Cubase’s Control feature allows you to assign up to four monitor outputs to key switches so I’ll be able to jump between the three outsputs via the F5 – F6 keys (default keyswitches I never use in Cubase).

I finished off the arrangement and ran off a decent enough mix of Cinder Biter (Soundcloud below). I’m not so happy with the final chorus ,lacks in punch, but overall I think its pretty danceable. As with the other two finished ICM tunes its only a demo and I’ve found tis best when producing you’re own stuff to give a track six months or so to sit sit with you in order to better hear required edits/changes (having bein saturated in this tune the last few weeks its hard to be subjective about whats needs doing).

I’m glad to have it finished thou, hopefully now I can get back to some of the other work thats bein lagging; music vidoes, marketing plans and maybe some composition stuff. Nealry at the end of the tour guide website commission, two others to get thru before Crimbo and that’ll be it for the year :)