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Begun work on the forth ICM-01 tune. Decided to put up the few ideas I had on Facebook and let my friends decide. Top rated was a Dubstep tune built entirely out of sounds related to a chicken – kinda random I know but having the options restricted makes you focus more on the rhythm plus with so few sound sources available I’ll have to put alot of work into effect processing and re-synthesis :) I also started on the poster for the song with a rough working title of ‘Gallutep’ (a mixture between ‘Dub-step’ and ‘Gallus Gallus Domesticus’ – latin for Chicken). The photoshop composite thus far is a dancing naked woman wearing a custom African/Mexican headdress somewhat resembling a rooster. I still have to add in something digital but I’m glad I have it started as I find having a visual element really helps with writing the music. Also regarding the ICM-01 project I’m planning on getting one or two of the tunes moved across to Ableton next week so myself and James (drummer) can finally have a jam. All going well I can still stick to the Jan/Feb live set tester gig.

Did alittle work with the acoustic stuff durin the week too, Fishermans Blues is starting to take shape again (must come up with a better name). Definitely need to get a gig sorted again soon thou as its bein a month or so since I last played live plus it helps with the dark winter nights :P Commission wise Ive bein spending most of the working time finishing up the site for the Local Tour guide. There’s alot more work involved in setting up the twenty of so tour pages than I had atticipated but all goin well I should have it wrapped up by the end of next week, probbaly just as well as there was delay with the other project I had booked for the end of November. If I get the time thou I’d love to get thru a few more chapters of Digging into WordPress – as each time a finish a project there’s always a few items added to the list of stuff-I-didnt-know-you-could-do-in-Wordpress-but-am-not-quite-sure-how-you-do-it.