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I started to re-arrange the studio speaker set-up yesterday to include the new un-ported single driver monitor (for mono testing) and a set of low budget PC speakers (grot boxes) for checking typical listening environment yolk. Thankfully there was just enough space either side of the computer monitor to fit the Fostex 6301B and a set of Philips. I’ve yet to configure the hotkeys in Cubase’s Control Room and unfortunately I’m getting a pretty loud hum in the Philips which might take a while to track down considering the amount of cables and power sources sitting behind the DAW.

Finished off the tour guide website yesterday so its on to the brochure site for a local guest house. Should be a relatively quick job, finished before the holidays thou I got an email yesterday regarding a site that was on hold tis now all systems go so I’ll have to factor in coupla hours for that next week sho. Got an acoustic gig lined up for New Years in Kilkenny, gonna try have at least one or two new songs revisions ready in time for then. Got the outline drawing/photoshop composite finished for the Gallutep poster. It definitely needs something else, was considering flipping the image so its like a joker card but I think something digital or electronic is required to keep up with the running theme :P An abstract pattern too might do the trick if I can find something decent on SXC.hu.