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Since getting back to work after the festives I started in on a new series of short courses via alexanderpublishing.com. The series is based around the use of Athur Langes Spectrotone chart in the study of orchestration. Basically every instrument register (and in some cases articulations) are colour coded. There is eight colours in all and when mixed, depending on the combination, can have more or less contrast. It’s a damn’dably handy concept for learning such a complex subject. I’m looking forward to testing it out on future compositions. The next few courses have to do with getting the most out of sample libraries; reverb considerations, blending sections, dynamics, articulations etc.

Elsewheres have decided, after some mulling over the lack of space and poor room acoustics, to move the studio up to the third floor which has far fewer parallel surfaces and is nothing like as cube shaped as the present location. Square foot wise it’ll also give me more space for recording, photography and sound design related set-ups. There’s alot of planning and work needed beforehand, which initially put me off, but considering the benefits I’m hoping twill be worth it long term. Pictures and the odd diagram to follow.