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Had a quiet enough week commission wise so I took the opportunity to get a decent bita work done on the upcoming (for a good half year now) online store. Its nearly ready for uploading to the live site, I just have the individual product pages and the various mailing labels/envelopes left to sort. I found a suitable subscribe-to-unlock plugin on codecanyon.net saving me the expense of having to sign-up/distribute e-mail for media content via the likes of Bandcamp or Topspin. I also got round to revamping the waxbotanical.com home page which now finally has a newsletter form and latest Soundcloud embed.

Elsewheres I bought a copy of VSL Pro 2 and the MIRx Teldex extension via sweetwater.com and started to build a new basic orchestral template in Cubase 7. I know I’ve mentioned it before but the room sound of the Teldex extension really is fantastic, a big improvement over using algorithmic and/or convolution reverbs to replicate a natural space. I might pick up some of the additional VSL woodwind libraries as currently I’m only using single instruments in the section (1 flute, 1 clarinet, 1 oboe etc). For the moment thou I have a strong enough template (and just about enough RAM!) to get cracking on the Scoring Stages course projects : )