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Got a good few bookings made the last week so WB related visual stuff got put on the back burner till things quieten down abit. Not in too much of a rush to get the shop finished anyhow as I’d like to get the latest electro tune wrapped up first and maybe a new poster/illustration to go with it. Speaking of said tune, I added on two extra bass synth lines to bring some more colour to the low end and started to go thru the song track-by-track tweaking any VSTi (software instrument) automation. When thats done I’ll batch export to audio and start the mixdown. There an awful lot of layering in the current version of the tune and I reckon I’ll have to be fairly heavy handed when processing. I have one or two ideas as to what the poster is but nothing set in stone yet – something sci-fi and disturbing most like :P Elsewhere’s in the studio after clipping the RAM meter in Cubase while building the new orchestral template I decided to bite the bullet and order enough RAM to fill out the rest of the motherboard – 16GB should be plenty of headroom for a year or two.

Last week I started to introduce digital/tablet based sketching into my life drawing practice. Definitely a different way of working, hard to get the head around at first. Smooth edges/shapes are particularly difficult but there’s alot of benefits: being able to zoom in, undo, opacity and the ease of creating colour palettes. There’s plenty of excellent reference based practices listed at CTRL + Paint that I’m keen to experiment with too. In another few months I’ll start to shift over the daily practical based time to more creative shinanigans so there should be more content to post here and on the various WB social media pages.