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Having come to the realization that I spend a ridiculous (unhealthy) amount of time sitting for the vast majority of the work day I decided in the interests of my lower back and/or possible future chiropractor bills to invest some time now in researching best practices for office workers. Some of the main suggestions I found were stretch routines every hour or so, a standing-height desktop and spending a wad of cash on a decent chair. The first two were straight forward enough to integrate, there’s plenty of short stretch/yoga routines on YouTube and the raised desk I plan on building into a corner of the new studio so I can do abit of work on the laptop while standing. The chair took abit more research. After reading thru a dozen or so articles and reviews I decided to pick up a second hand Steel Case Leap V1 which I found for a pretty decent price in the UK incl. a 1 year warranty. The shipping unfortunately was pretty high due to the weight of the chair (28KG) although hopefully tis a good sign of the build/durability.

I got the MIDI/instrument tracks rendered down for mixing on the latest ICM (electro) tune. It took a session or two as there was alot to process but over the next week I should be able to get a passable mix sorted and another week to fine tune so all going well I’ll have it uploaded to Soundcloud by the start of March. Poster wise (for the track) I have some sci-fi’ish sketches made of large insects and hairless bears which should be randomly weird enough for the content :P