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Had feck all time for social media related updates the last few weeks as I was moving the studio up to the third floor of the house. Took alot of hours to set up the new space; drilling shelves, building stands and sorting cabling aswell as plastering, sanding and painting the old room. That said I far happier with the new set-up: Extra recording space, far better acoustics (thanks to it being a truss shaped ceiling) and a more minimal DAW workstation. I still have a few more acoustic panels to affix and some third-party welding to sort in order to attach castors to the MIDI master keyboard stand. I haven’t had a chance to measure the acoustic response of the new studio yet but will do so soon. I’m also planning on using a macro photography background stand, in combination with a heavy stage curtain, as an additional base trap to pop-up when recording and mixing-down projects.

Work wise I’m currently finishing up an e-commerce site for a local security camera business and getting back to more WordPress development training. I also re-jiggified the schedule some so as to allow me do some work each week on the Enter the Dragon music video again (storyboard, pre-design etc). Twill get there eventually…