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I spent some time on Wednesday researching cut-out animation techniques and came across the work of Yuri Norstein, in particular a short called fox and rabbit. I was mightily impressed with the amount of expression he gets with each character particularity considering this was all done without the aid of a computer. The hand drawn look and framed vignettes work really well and I’m hoping to do something similar albeit in a rougher fashion for my own acoustic music videos. I’ve gone thru the manual for Anime Studio and now plan on creating a few line tests over the next six months using this book as a reference after which I’ll start on a storyboard for the first song.

Elsewhere’s I finally got around to updating the design portfolio on the WB site. I still have abit of text to input for each project but its definitely looking busier. I had to hold off on adding in brochures/flyers until I can get the new photography lighting kit set up but hopefully from then on the project picture quality should be more consistent. Speaking of which I took a look thru some next generation online portfolio service options such as Dropr and Behance. I really like that Dropr allows for mixed media, music and graphics, and has the potential to showcase work to prospective agencies. As with the proliferating music licensing sites I’m abit hesitant to sign up until such services become more established and the real benefits (more jobs and work for the time and money put in) are made clearer.