Cinder Biter

INFO: 2013 (video 2023), mp3 single, unreleased

Cinder Biter is probably the closest I’ve come to being satisfied with one of my own songs. The final chorus is abit too long and fatiguing/harsh in high frequencies but I felt the song stands well enough on its own. Both the drum break and chopped lead worked together as a hook. The poster is alittle over the top but keeps with the futuristic MIDI theme present in the other designs. I initially had a different idea for the music video but as it required a bigger cast, elaborate costumes and sequenced dance routines I came up with a simpler run-and-gone style video featuring my cousins eldest child playing around the house and garden. I think his boundless and random energy at that age suited the vibe of the track. It was an interesting, and at times very challenging, shoot in contrast to my usual overly-thought-out framing and automated camera sequences.