Fat Controller

INFO: 2012/2017, mp3 single, unreleased

With Fat Controller I wanted to make a tune that was more up-beat than my usual fare and hopefully something that was catchy enough to dance too. I wrote the first version in 2012 and although I was happy enough with a few of the sections by the time I got to making the video I felt the backing percussion break lacked weight and the vocal lines were abit cheesey so I started a fresh with a more minimal and heavy electro tune that better suited the narrative of the video storyline. I had alot of learning curves on the video as I had only made the one or two beforehand. The dance sequence and slow motion shots could have done with more camera angles. The lighting too could have used some fill thou the single light sources used during most of the end sections worked well for the most part. Big kudos to Stafford for doing the dance routines with gusto several times (using playback from a tiny phone speaker), wearing what he was, while being sober.