Circles V1 [demo]

INFO: demo, 2016, mp3 single, unreleased

There was abit of a learning curve involved in making the lino poster and illustrated notation as I had’nt done either before and its a template I was hoping to use on for the rest of the acoustic based tracks. Choosing the correct pen line widths was particularly difficult for the notation decoration as I wanted it to look well balanced when printed in both A4 and A3 sizes. Lino printing is also tricker than I thought especially getting the enough ink rolled on without having it running into the cuttings. That said the notation and poster worked well as visual elements in the Circles music video and helped me develop the additional props and shadow puppet animations. This was my first time making a music video and as such there was alot of technical stuff to get my head around. The few animations, thou simple and short, took a long time to make (and learn how to do). The song itself is abit minimal and repetitive and has some sections where my vocal tone is grating. Still thou there are some parts where the visuals and music work well together.