INFO: 2018 – 2021 (video 2022), mp3 single, unreleased

There was a few different versions of this track produced over the three or four years I worked on it. The first version turned out to be too slow and uninteresting. The final track doubled the tempo and added a repeating vocal line. In hindsight the vocorder sound I came up with is not quite right or catchy enough. The instrumentation too didn’t quite click thou I was satisfied with it in places. The video shoot was very difficult and time consuming especially the night shots of the tree (as I had to scrap the first nights shots as they were all underexposed) and the multi camera-angle dance sequence. Even thou the dance itself is fairly crude it still took me a while to come up with a usable routine (and appreciate all the more the work of professional choreographers). The storyline for the script is based around panic attacks and anxiety. The tree represents core beliefs in CBT and the emoticon sun dial the overly active amygdala/emotional reasoning present in someone suffering from GAD. The dance routine was supposed to symbolize the current best practice of dealing with a panic attack – that of encouraging it to come on/just going with it in order to rewire (via neuroplasticity) the perceived threat thought process.